Girls to the Stage

by Girls to the Stage

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Art Fin Short 2015 compilation of female-fronted bands from Philadelphia including Amanda X. Favorite track: Drenched.
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Girls to the Stage is a compilation created to promote Philly's finest females who are already doing the damn thing and to empower other ladies to pick up an instrument and join 'em!!

All proceeds from the comp will be donated to Girls Rock Philly.



released April 29, 2015

A huge, huge thank you to:
- All the bands for working on this with us
- Girls Cartel Records for putting out this tape with us
- The Headroom Studio and MilkBoy the Studio for letting us record in their spaces
- Dan Anderson for helping master
- Michelle Krysztofiak for creating the artwork
- Girls Rock Philly for being so dang cool



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Girls to the Stage Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

girls rule

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Track Name: Roya - Hellhound
Last night I realized that I'm not really alone
In my darkest hours, I can always call you home

But you’re just a pup, you’ve gotta run run run

I’ll nail you up on a cross like the god that you are
Baby, what can I say? Hope your lungs burn away
I’ll nail you up on a cross like the god that you are
Baby, what can I say? Dream of you every day

I’ll nail you up on a cross so you cant run so far, so you cant get so far from me
I’ll nail you up, I’ll tie you up so you can never run too far from me

I hope we die together, burn away together, burn away forever
We turn to ash
Track Name: Amanda X - Drenched
I would make my way across town just to escape
I didn't think I had to capacity to stick with the chase

Release me into you
Into you

I was feeling disoriented in my new place
I woke up, and the sun was gone,
And I felt your fingers find my face

Release me into you
Into you

I don't know if I can do this
What is right? I always miss it
I don't know what's interesting,
And how you move, what does it mean?
When will I regain that feeling?
I will trust the things you tell me
I am chaos, and you are clean
Let me, let me, let me in

Release me into you
Into you
Track Name: Vveed Vvolf - Late 20s Contradictions
Someday you'll see what I'm talking about
Oh to be 23 again
Who knew in 5 years I'd be 28
Paying a grand a month in debt
At a job I'm not sure that I don't hate
But I stay
I used to say I'd rather be poor than give into
Steady bi-monthly pay
It's pretty great
Track Name: Fake Boyfriend - Pix
Swinging high and crashing down
Haven't slept for a decade now
Look at me look what I've done
Look at me I'm not your sun
I almost did something today but I freaked out instead

Rat race
Dog eats dog eats
Bed of roses
Say Hail Marys

Well at least my life sure looks nice in pictures
Sometimes at the end of the work day
It's real hard to say
What's alive and what's dead

Rat race
Dog eats dog eats
Bed of roses
Say Hail Marys

Sometimes at the end of the work day
What's alive and what's dead?
Track Name: Shannen Moser - Excess
count the numbers up
of all the things you seem to have lost
weigh them at expense
of your feelings excessive
bend as not to break
it's an easy walking pace we make
up the watershed
a tiny unraveling piece of thread

and some things
and some things
some things stick around
but this thing
but this thing
too precious to be found
Track Name: Mannequin Pussy - Arcas
You're my favorite, but favorites always fail
They transform into new beings
Cut their hair and hide back behind veils
I've been waiting, hoping that you're coming round
To give back all the things that I lost when you said I let you down

I'd like to sleep inside you
Sleep beside you
Sleep beside you

I left the light on just in case you find your way
I built up all my walls so no longer transparent but opaque
And you're my puppet, and I am instantly obsessed
With all you know how to do when I'm panicked and I'm feeling stressed

I need to sleep inside you
Sleep beside you
Sleep beside you

I'm not waiting anymore
Without this love I know I can feel more
And I'm a goddess, listen close
OK I over spoke, I don't know much, a novice at the most